prom night is your chance to shine, and choosing the right set of colors for your prom dress and together we can not only make your figure and your dress look fantastic, but the face, skin and hair as well. Use natural colors of the skin to influence the coat color or pattern you choose. A Navy blue prom dress that matches the natural tone of your skin will make you look more lively and brilliant, while the wrong color can make you look dark, deprived of sleep or light.Navy blue prom dress

Determination of skin tone

Before you choose a Navy blue prom dress, you must first know your skin tone! Skin tones are divided into two main categories: fresh and hot. People have to cool tones of blue-pink skin tones, while those with warm tones have golden undertones. The easiest way to determine which type of membership is to wash all the makeup from her face, and then alternately hold silver and gold paper to your face. The right metal will make your face appear brighter and healthier, while the wrong color will make your skin look gray and washed. Silver looks best on the skin in cool tones, and gold looks better on the warm tones.

Once you have determined whether your skin tone is warm or cold, you need to know what season you are. Winter complexions (cool) are typically pale white, yellowish-olive or dark, typically people with brown or blacks hair and dark eyes. On the contrary, the dyed summer (even free) also have shades of blue or pink, but people with these dyes tend to have hair that does not contradict their skin tone much, summer most colorful people are natural blondes or brown with light-colored eyes.

Shades of spring skin, which are warm, often among women with creamy ivory skin, stained pink skin, or darker color of tanned skin. Most people with the soft skin tones have strawberry blonde or with light red hair with blue or green eyes. The tones of the autumn-tinted skin have golden tones that are bronzed or orange tones of spring. Women in ivory beige or dark or golden brown, brown or dark brown hair and brown eyes, often fall into this category.

for winter tones colors

Winter colored girls have many options when it comes to choosing the best Navy blue prom dress colors, tones winter skin tend to have the best look with intense, rich colors like dark blue, purple, pink and black, but more light, such as white or bright fluorescent pastels are too large. Girls winter complexion should avoid prom dresses in earth tones, which can make them look pale or purple.

for summer color tones

shades of summer skin were the most amazing colors and air cooler and quieter pastels like baby blue, pink, lavender, plum and even pale yellow. intense and difficult contrasting colors and earth tones tend to make the tones of summer washed-looking skin.